About MTA

 Mean Titleholders Association.....

When first heard or read, the word "mean" jumps out of the title and objections instantly start to form in the mind. Without finding out more or gaining some context, the mission and spirit of our organization may be completely missed. The same may hold true of the word "titleholders". Preconceived notions abound through social media and the real world, that titleholders are self-centered, self-serving egomaniacs that use the community to their own ends and give nothing in return. We have been the subject of these misconceptions ourselves.

With this in mind, we decided to form an organization to fight, to get mean, with this perception and the people who promote it, not by attacking or tearing down, but by moving into action and through the events and activities we plan, provide the community with concrete examples of fun, positive, empowering experiences. In addition, the proceeds from these events are given back to other organisations that work to provide for and better the community and/or the world around us. In short, we get mean and fight through fun, loving, and supportive actions.

We also recognize, promote, and fight for individual and group autonomy, respecting and the choices others make and the journeys they take, though they may be different from our own. At times we come together to support and celebrate each other. At other times we show our support by allowing others their time and space. Not every organization or event is for everybody and we get mean when we encounter bullying, harassing, coercing, or co-opting with a goal of fulfilling a social agenda or forcing changes that are destructive and not constructive.

Being mean, when it is directed at changes that need to happen, can be a great way to show a whole lot of kindness!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and please contact us on the link at the bottom of the page with any questions or concerns.